Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Fictional Case Study

Project Summary

The course developed in Articulate Rise provides learners with an easy-to-remember strategy and acronym to del with conflict in the workplace.

Tools: Articulate Rise 360, Canva

Time: 12 hours

Client: Relevance Media (fictional)

Roles: Instructional designer, eLearning developer


Relevance Media approached MJ Learning Designs looking for a solution to support managers with conflict resolution. Managers report that 20% of their time is spent helping their teams navigate conflict within the group. Media productions is a collaborative field where it is important for teams to work together in an efficient manner. Internal conflict can reduce productivity, hurt morale, and interfere with the overall project process. Additionally, when managers have to spend their time navigating the conflict for teams, they are taken away from their work of managing the project and supporting the team in a productive manner.

The challenge is to provide the employees information on how to resolve their conflict in a productive manner without the need for a manager to step in.


This brief interactive course is intended for current employees to engage in, at their convenience. It takes approximately 1 hour to complete and can be turn-keyed as new employees are onboarding as well. It overviews a conflict resolution strategy in detail. Then there will be infographics placed throughout the building as subtle reminders of the process.


The intended outcome is for employees at Relevance Media to resolve their conflict in a positive and productive manner. With this strategy, they can do that, and managers will spend less time on conflict management.