Running a Successful Kickoff Meeting

Fictional Case Study

Project Summary

The course developed in Articulate Storyline provides learners with all the skills and tools they need to kickoff a project as the manager by holding a successful kickoff meeting.

Tools: Articulate Storyline, Canva, Audacity

Time: 30 hours

Client: Credity (fictional)

Roles: Instructional designer, eLearning developer, Script Writer, Narrator, Graphic Designer


Credity approached MJ Learning Designs looking for a solution because projects are often delayed or abandoned due to missed deadlines, a lack of structure, and confusion about who owns certain aspects of a project. This is costing the company time and money. They need a way to make sure a project team is on the same page before a project gets underway.


This interactive course is intended for new and current employees who are managing projects. It will instill the importance of the Kickoff Meeting, and help them plan, prepare, and facilitate the meeting in a successful way. From the course, there will be job aids such as agenda templates and preparation and follow-up checklists.


The intended outcome is for new and current project managers at Credity to initiate projects with a clear process and understanding of who is responsible for each part of the project, along with deadlines.