Project Management with CurrikiStudio

Case Study

Project Summary

This course was built H5P in the open educational resource, CurrikiStudio. It supports learners with the process they will need to go through in order to manage a project they are doing for CurrikiStudio.

Tools: CurrikiStudio, Canva, Audacity

Time: 40 hours

Client: CurrikiStudio

Roles: Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Script Writer, Narrator, Graphic Designer


CurrikiStudio approached MJ Learning Design because they hire contract instructional technologists and learning designers to help complete projects for companies that come to them for support. Often, these contractors need to serve as their own project managers as well, but do not have the understanding of what is involved in that process. CurrikiStudio is looking for a way to provide their contractors with a process that they will use consistently acroos the organization.


The Chief Technology Officer has requested that a course be created, using CurrikiStudio, to support contractors and volunteers in understanding the project management process in their organization. The intention would be for learners to complete the course and earn a certification before being given projects.


The success of the project will be measured by the number of contractors and volunteers that are certified and are able to complete projects in the projected time frame.